Open Parliament Tools for Parliamentarians in the Americas and the Caribbean

The Challenge

There is an intrinsic link between open and inclusive governance structures and our capacity to achieve sustainable development, as recognized by the international community’s adoption of Sustainable Development Goal 16. However, studies on citizens' confidence in public authorities continue to show trends of decline.

As institutions that represent citizens, parliaments must lead by example and open legislative processes, as well as promote open government principles through their law-making, oversight, and budget allocation functions.

This requires parliamentarians to deepen and expand their knowledge, and share their experiences, to develop effective solutions.

In Numbers

Confidence in Latin American parliaments

Average hemispheric perception of corruption (100% being no corruption)

Legislative transparency in Latin America

  1. Latinobarometro 2017

  2. Transparency International 2017

  3. Latin America Legislative Transparency Network Index 2016


Open Parliament

Open Parliament is a new form of interaction between citizens and legislatures that promote parliamentary openness and transparency, to ensure access to public information, accountability, citizen participation, and high probity and ethical standards in parliamentary work.

The ParlAmericas Road Map Towards Legislative Openness offers a framework to direct the work of parliamentarians during the preparation of their own action plans and/or initiatives to advance legislative openness at the national level.

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