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About ParlAmericas

ParlAmericas is the inter-parliamentary institution that promotes parliamentary diplomacy in the inter-American system. Convening the national legislatures from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, ParlAmericas works to strengthen democratic governance in the hemisphere by enhancing the ability of legislators to fulfill their roles and responsibilities through exchanges of parliamentary best practices and by promoting cooperative political dialogue on regional issues.

The ParlAmericas Open Parliament Network (OPN) promotes legislative openness through efforts to increase transparency and access to public information, strengthen the accountability of democratic institutions, promote citizen participation in legislative decision-making, and ensure a culture of parliamentary ethics and probity in the national legislatures in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Transparency, accountability, citizen participation, probity and ethics are the way to dignify politics and improve the governance of our region. We invite you to explore these toolkits and hope that they will contribute to your efforts towards legislative openness.

Blanca Ovelar

Senator, Paraguay
President of the ParlAmericas Open Parliament Network

About the Open Parliament Movement

In 2011, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) launched a movement to promote transparency, citizen empowerment, the fight against corruption and the strengthening of governance using new technologies. It serves as an international platform that fosters commitments in favor of these values ​​in more than 70 countries through the co-creation and implementation of National Action Plans with civil society.

In parallel to these efforts, the Declaration on Parliamentary Transparency was signed by civil society organizations across the world encouraging parliaments apply these same principles and open their institutions to citizens. ParlAmericas is leading the open parliament agenda in the Americas and the Caribbean. It engages in the international movement as a partner in the Open Parliament e-Network (OPeN), a consortium of international organizations collaborating to advance legislative openness initiatives across the world, within the framework of the OGP.

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